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Unborn Ghost
Airs of Contempt and Derision

13-song album

Formats: LP / CD / Cassette
Released: 2023
Total running time: 43:09

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Artist's website: UnbornGhost.com

  1. Sketch One
  2. A Lamentable Series of Poor Life Decisions
  3. Acute Adverse Psychological Reaction to Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
  4. White Guilt Parade
  5. The Worm at The Demon Core
  6. Federal Government Functionary
  7. Sketch Two
  8. Histrionic Personality Disorder
  9. Sketch Three
  10. Richard Cory
  11. Go Fuck Yourself (Go Fuck Yourself)
  12. Sketch Four
  13. The Black Pill

All songs written and performed by Unborn Ghost, and published by Discriminate Audio Publishing (BMI); except for "Richard Cory" written by Paul Simon and published by Paul Simon Music.


This is the debut album from Unborn Ghost, and features appearances by Ralph Gean, Little Fyodor, Vadge Moore, and members of The Partridge Family Temple.

Produced by Howard Karp and Brian M. Clark. Recorded by Brian M. Clark at Unpop Studio in Denver, Colorado. Mixed and mastered by Howard Karp in Los Angeles, California. Cover artwork by Hello the Mushroom.

The vinyl LP edition of this album is pressed on blue "smoke" vinyl with light pink "splattered" vinyl (limited to 500 copies); the cassette tape edition is manufactured in a black plastic shell case with printed silver lettering (limited to 100 copies); and the compact disc edition is presented as a matte finish CD Digipack.

Artist Reviews:

    "Unborn Ghost is awesome! ... Reminds me of some cool Bay Area bands at times; The Black Heart Procession, Black Cat Music, Neurosis. ... It harkens back to what I thought was a very cool time for music. ... Sounds great as well. "
          - Matt Skiba, Alkaline Trio (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

    "A near-gothic slice of alt-rock that's not for pearl clutchers."
          - Adel Souto, 156 / Timescape Zero (New York, NY, USA)

    "Unborn Ghost's Airs of Contempt and Derision is a dread-soaked opus of haunting tones, scathing wit and seductive mania layered with precision, patience and finesse."
          - Luke Schmaltz, King Rat (Denver, CO, USA)

    "So good. It reminds me of a '90s AmRep band if all the riffs were inspired by horror soundtracks. I also enjoy the touches of snarky humor. It's very well recorded and mixed, and scratches an itch for heavy music that isn't dumb tough guy bullshit."
          - Christopher Bickel, In/Humanity (Columbia, SC, USA)

    "An album born of sardonic wit, as evidenced in the song titles. Musically it is mostly a dark rock album with psychedelic and heavy elements. Interesting keyboard passages and uproarious drums drop in periodically throughout the listening experience. ... Highly recommended for fans of Swans, David E. Williams, The Dwarves, Adam Parfrey, and Feral House books. "
          - Erin Powell, Awen (Plano, TX, USA)

    "Fucking awesome! ... Zero moments of boredom. I love it!"
          - Josh Taylor, Friends Forever / Foot Village (Denver, CO, USA)

Journalistic Reviews:

    "It's somewhere between post-punk, darkly psychedelic noisy rock, experimental electronic stuff with samples; and all around creative in delivering portraits of moods and ideas that one finds out in American society in this moment."
          - Thomas Murphy, Queen City Sounds and Art (Denver, CO, USA)

    "Beautiful and powerful."
          - Leonardo Casas, Estrellita Mía (Santiago, Chile)

    "Airs of Contempt and Derision deals with topics and themes most musicians and artists would steer clear of ... delivered with a scathing and cutting wit, backed by dark rock arrangements absorbing elements of everything from psych, doom, industrial and garage, interspersed with experimental piano based interludes. ... [It's] an album which derides and shares contempt for behaviours, choices and conditions ... the topics seem current ... and Airs of Contempt and Derision offers a rare, if not directly critical, take on a world that is sometimes hard to fathom."
          - Tony Dickie, Compulsion (Johnstone, Scotland)

    "While the music shifts from post punk to to stoner doom to electronic/experimental, it fits very well in the Gothic/Goth Metal category. ... Not your typical Gothic/Goth Metal album, but it certainly has its plusses."
          - Steve Mecca, Chain D.L.K. (Elmira, NY, USA)

    "A concentrate of daily disgust poured along thirteen tracks of electronic gloom and austere electric guitars to the address of a primitive black and white rock. Airs of Contempt and Derision reminds us—for the umpteenth time and to the nth degree—how much America sucks and how much suffering and discipline are necessary to survive it with the intent to maintain a shred of dignity. Is this the soundtrack that ushers in the fall of the 'Great Satan'?"
          - Max Ribaric, Occidental Congress (Trieste, Italy)