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Nervesandgel Nervesandgel
FORMAT: 2-CD set

Disc One:
  1. the beauties of this life
  2. holy fuck i miss you
  3. i hope you understand
  4. our dreams have been corrupted
  5. they'll be eating food from my tummy
  6. i don't want to wake up
  7. i lay to rest once where i was fed
Disc Two:

  1. dream song
  2. the currents pulled me under
  3. death was like a dream
  4. so beautiful yet oh so confusing
  5. i don't know

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NOTE: This release was issued by Best Friends Records out of Denver, Colorado. Discriminate Audio distributes this title but owns no rights to the songs and does not sell MP3s for this release.

"From dirty socks to Sybian machines, the thrill of autoeroticism finds its way into the weirdest outlets. Johnny Wohlfahrt alone is Nervesandgel, perhaps the most self-indulgent entity the Denver music scene has ever birthed. Recorded across four years and two full discs, his eponymous opus occupies the hitherto hidden space between David Tibet and Will Cullen Hart, lubing up fractured acoustic pop with a slippery fistful of fizzy ambience and electronic squawks. And the solipsism just keeps on coming. "I Lay to Rest Where Once I Was Wasted" is at once tranquil and nauseating, and "Eating Food From My Tummy" is unsettling onomatopoeia. But the record's climax lies in the Nurse With Wound-inspired "So Confusing Yet Oh So Beautiful" -- a title that, naturally, ends up being a perfect self-description. After all, there's no one better at servicing Nervesandgel than Nervesandgel itself."
      - Jason Heller, Westword

"Navigating its way through minimalist acoustic ballads, ambient soundscapes, melodic electro-synth, and finally descending into the realms of sound-collage cacophony, nervesandgel is difficult to get one's head around on the first few listenings; but within the many densely-layered facets it contains, there's something to both sooth the soul and wrack the nerves of just about anyone."
      - Brian M. Clark

"This is an odd record by anyone's standards. There's something a little off to these songs, like an eccentric dark side peeking out and having fun with sound. For that, there moments of sublime beauty like "I hope you understand" with it's simple but rich layer of ambient noise and ethereal male vocals. It's a rare musician who pretty much opens themselves up so completely in their music and this guy does it so powerfully in a way I haven't really heard before... The music here is very much about subtleties and larger arcs of conception rather than pop hooks and catchy lyrics... The first disc is an ambient album but one of the better ambient releases that I've heard in years... The crackles and pops like you'd hear on a beaten-up 33 or a 78 across a number of songs gives the entire musical experience of listening to these "songs" a feeling like you're looking into a high tech yesterday. Edward Bellamy's vision in reverse. There's really nothing like this. It's partially music and partially aural art but it's never boring...At turns ambient, new wave, electronica, experimental electro pop, psych folk and who knows what, this self-titled release isn't likely to ever quite be dated."
      - Tom Murphy